The goal is to become a key player in the new generation of low temperature sterilization.

Thomas Parias


Aurora is a company from Rouen, founded in 2019 by Jan Laarman and Thomas Parias, two entrepreneurs passionate about innovation in the field of health.

Having succeeded in raising nearly €3 million in capital at the end of 2021, Thomas and Jan have since mobilized a multidisciplinary team: plasma physicists, microbiologists, specialists in regulatory affairs and quality, engineers in ion sources and vacuum techniques, all based in Normandy and Champagne-Ardenne.

Aurora strategyAurora’s primary mission is to provide hospitals with the 1st solution to eventually sterilzse the medical devices that can’t be sterilized today, thanks to a cold plasma.

Indeed, nowadays many medical devices are simply disinfected, for lack of a suitable sterilant.

For example, the microbiological quality of endoscopes is very worrying: 13% of endoscopes should be removed from hospitals today in France, and 16% in the USA (the FDA targets a contamination rate of 0.4%).

Aurora is aiming for the CE marking and making its Aqsaniit plasma sterilizer available to users for hospital in 2024.

With its technology, Aurora takes cold sterilization to new standards. Aurora’s teams are already working with the French Ministry of Health, the French Ministry of Defence, the French Ministry of Research and other partners on extending this technology to single-use medical devices, but also agri-food, space and defence.