New! A sterilization cold plasma in two pouches !

Cold plasma in two sealed 40x60cm pouches

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but we are so excited that we couldn’t wait for a clean photoshoot to share our breakthrough !

For the first time in the history of sterilization, Aurora’s team has succeeded in creating a plasma in two separate pouches. The pouches are sealed sterile barrier systems (SBS), made of PEHD and Tyvek.

Each can contain an endoscope on its tray. The plasma sterilizes the device in one hour, at 40°C, just with oxygen plasma.

What’s the use ? Well, it is intended to sterilize all the medical devices that are just disinfected at the moment in health centers. Sterilization is the highest level of sanitary safety for patients (by a factor of 10000x compared to disinfection).

It’s a solution for the manufacturers of innovative medical devices locked by a suitable sterilization method for their innovation.

Cold oxygen plasma is also a non-toxic alternative to ethylene oxide in industrial sterilization.

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